The Band

Adam Pemberton

Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

 Frank Rippon  

Lead  Guitar

Katie Gibbins                                       Vocals & Bass Guitar

Adam, our distinguished leader, sings and plays 3 chord sequences (now 4 courtesy of YouTube) - most of the time!  Also, together with vocals, he still manages to demonstrate his expertise on the skiffle 'washboard'.   In pursuit of distancing himself from the other two band members, he sometimes wears a white tailored jacket (see below).    

(Photograph courtesy of Rich Sayles)

Frank too has played almost everywhere, starting with the Sheffield Club Circuit in the 60s, to Jazz Trios, 2000 onwards. Enough said....

(Photograph courtesy of Frank Rippon)

Katie, our third member comes highly recommended on the vocal front.  Her past musical background has also raised its head by proving to be a very capable electric bass player. 

(Photograph courtesy of Katie Gibbins)